Belt tricks

When it comes to must-have accessories, belts are at the top of the list. You can use them to flatter your figure, accentuate your silhouette in a silk dress, nip in the waist of a coat, or even double up with a pair of off-duty denim for that preppy-meets-glamazon look you’ve always wanted to master. Ahead, find the top ways all the stylish girls are wearing their belts to master the most effortless looks, head-to-toe.

The Classic Look: Let’s start with the basics: pants have belt loops for a reason, so it’s high time you start using them. Jeans, tailored trousers, the works. Even if you’re wearing skin-tight skinnies, don’t leave those loops hanging! Slip your favourite belt around your waist, from the most colorful and bold to understated black leather styles.

Belt over a blazer: It matters not if you opt for a blazer and matching skirt, shorts, or more traditional trousers, consider turning that borrowed-from-the-boys look into something a little less boxy with an added belt on top.

As a pop of color: Whether you’re looking to amp up an otherwise drab color palette, or you want to make a colorful look even bolder, consider the simple addition of a contrasting belt for that eye-catching pop of color that isn’t over the top.

The double belt: Ever wonder what to do if you’re wearing a pair of pants that require a belt out of practicality, but you also want to drape that opulent and chic chain style for an ultimate glammoment? Double it up. Who says you can’t wear two? Every woman can support the more-is-more look.

A statement belt: Whether bold and bright or neutral and classic, a simple pencil skirt and t-shirt combo is the perfect semi-blank canvas for a statement belt. Go big or go home with this accessory, be it a head-turning buckle, interesting colour, or other eye-catching detail.

To contrast style profiles: If you’re in love with a more feminine dress, like say a floral prairie dress but looking for a way to make it look a little more edgy and cool-girl approved, add a belt. Yes, it’s that simple. Seek a style that’s larger and stronger in vibe than your ethereal midi, allowing for a fashion-forward look.

Over a coat: Whether or not your coat already comes with a matching belt, a belt is a great way to add a little something extra to your outerwear while also accentuating that silhouette you’re hiding underneath all those seasonal layers. In fact, even if you’re wearing a trench that does contain a matching belt, consider swapping it out for another contrasting option for fun.

The practical belt-bag: With the return of the belt-bag trend, it’s the optimal time to invest in an accessory that does double duty. Loop it through your high-waisted denim, cinch in the waistline of a midi dress, or layer it on top of a longer coat: there’s no limit to the potential of belt-bag styling.

With a silk dress: Silk dresses are one of our ultimate year-round wardrobe essentials. Make your silk dress look all that more elegant, with the addition of a thin waist belt, nipping in at the smallest point of your silhouette and letting that favorite one-and-done do what it does best.

As a jewelry equivalent: If you’re looking for a way to glam up your look without piling on the necklaces or stacking up the bracelets, look no further than an embellished belt. While you can always add a little something sparkly to a printed look, a statement belt in a bold print looks fetching with an all-black attire.