Best eyeshadow tips

Applying eyeshadow like a pro can be tricky, you have questions like what are all those different sections of a palette for? What type of brush should you use? Luckily, your eyeshadow decisions don’t have to be a headache. Here are the golden rules for applying shadow like a pro.

Always use primer: An eyeshadow primer creates a clean canvas for you to work with, and it acts as a barrier between your eyeshadow and the natural oils in your skin. That way, your makeup stays put so you can keep touch-ups to a minimum.

Know your eye shape: Considering your eye color is a given, but also take into account your eye shape. Do you have deep-set eyes? Close-set? Hooded? Determining the shape of your eye helps you decide which shading technique is right for your specific features and plays up your natural beauty.

Decode your palette: You might be tempted to open an eyeshadow palette and just have at it, but it’s important to know which sections correspond to each part of your eye. There’s a method to all this palette madness.  There’s a variety of palettes out there, but here’s a general breakdown of your basic eyeshadow quad palette:

Lightest color: This is your base color. Apply this shade from your upper lash line all the way to just beneath your brow. You can also use this color in the inner tear duct corner of your eye where the shadow is deepest to add a bit of brightness.

Second lightest: This is your lid color, as its slightly darker than the base. Brush this over your lid from your upper lash line to your crease.

Second darkest: This is applied to the crease for a contouring effect. This should go over the area where your brow bone meets your lid — it helps to create definition.

Darkest color: Finally, the liner. Using an angled brush, apply to your upper lash line (and lower lash line if you want a bold boost), making sure to brush where the root of your lashes meets your lid so there is no visible gap.

Blend: Blending your edges is the difference between your eyeshadow looking flawless and looking like a mess. Don’t smear. Use a light touch and gently sweep your brush along your lid, blending harsh lines. To blend like a pro, you need the right brushes.

Invest in the right brushes: There are so many eyeshadow brushes out there in every shape and size, it can get confusing. But here are the three most important ones you should own:

Basic Eyeshadow Brush: The bristles are flat and stiff, and you use this for all-over color.

Blending Brush: The bristles are soft and fluffier for seamless blending.

Angled Eyeshadow Brush: This is a precision brush that is perfect for applying your liner color above your lash line.

Choose your formula wisely: Pressed eyeshadows are your basic, most common formula, and are a great, mess-free option. Cream shadows are perfect if you want a dewy sheen, but they can crease easily — especially if you have oily lids. Loose shadows usually come in a small pot, and are definitely the messiest of the three.