Best foods for a detox plan

There has always been a direct link between our health and the foods we consume. I have been hearing a lot about detoxing, and I think there are some benefits to be had from following a detox plan. Detox or detoxification involves the removal of toxic substances from the body. To explain further, it is a method of removing all environmental and dietary toxins from the body, which helps to cleanse the colon and enhance blood circulation. As a result, you feel fresher, more focused, and you get better sleep. This is a sample list of allowed foods on a detox diet.

Vegetables: All vegetables are very rich in water so they help in flushing out toxins. Whether raw or taken as juices, vegetables are the number one detox food. More specifically, include more broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, onions, garlic, artichokes, beets, red and green vegetables.

Fruits: Like veggies, fruits are also rich in water, so they help a lot in cleansing your body. Fresh fruits, frozen or fresh fruit juices offer the same benefits. Best fruits are papayas, strawberries, pineapples, and kiwis.

Nuts and seeds: These are rich in omega-3 and are good sources of fiber. Of course, you need to take the unsalted ones. You can eat it between your meals as snacks or toss it over your salads. Salted peanuts are not allowed though.

Olive oil and avocados: Extra virgin olive oil is the best oil to be used during a detox, and is the most preferred one for those following a detox plan. Avocado is also recommended with your salads.

Beans, lentils and quinoa: These are considered plant proteins. These types of foods are natural and rich in iron. This includes red kidney, haricot, red lentil, green lentil and brown lentil.

Grilled fresh seafood: Eat any fresh fish including salmon, lobster, crab, prawns, lemon sole, grilled fish and tuna in water.

Herbal and natural hot drinks: Chamomille and ginger.

You need to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day: water with lemon, cucumber and mint, mixed together the night before. So now that you know what foods are allowed, a seven
day detox diet is good to follow from time to time. It cleans your liver, your digestive system and gives you maximum energy.

Here are what foods to be avoided.

They include:
• Red meat, chicken, turkey, and meat products.
• Milk, cheese, eggs and cream.
• Butter, margarine and mayonnaise.
• Any food that contains wheat including bread, croissants, cereals, cakes, pies and quiche.
• Salted and non-raw nuts.
• Chocolate, candy, jam, puddings, ice-cream and custard.
• Carbonated beverages, even the diet ones.
• Coffee and tea.
• Salt.

Beat bloating, headache, cellulite and increase your immunity with a detox diet.

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