Best style advice for shorter women

You’re short and proud—but maybe you don’t want to accentuate the height factor. To help you solve any stature-related style issues, here is the best fashion advice for short girls.

Know where to shop: If you have a petite frame, chances are that most straight-size clothing doesn’t always fit you as well as it could. And for practical reasons, you can’t always run to our tailor for every new item you come across. To score the best pieces that flatter a petite frame, bookmark your favorite brands that carry clothing designed specifically for smaller silhouettes, regardless if you’re looking for trend pieces or wardrobe basics.

Have your tailor on speed dial: The key to taking your clothes from so-so to so flattering is finding a great tailor. From tweaking hemlines to adjusting the sleeves, every petite lady should have a go-to tailor. Bring in all of your favorite pieces or have your tailor work on a few really special pieces that you want to fit like a glove.

Embrace the right trends: From avoiding a particularly tricky print to knowing the right silhouettes to stock up on, dressing for your height comes down to a simple set of fashion guidelines. For example, short women should go for straight-leg denim over looser fits.


Steer clear of certain trends: Unfortunately for short women, some trends were not made for short women. While you are always encouraged to wear what makes you feel the best, sometimes you need to avoid some trends, and for shorter figures that includes trends like tunic tops, oversize or shapeless pieces, and horizontal stripes.

Shop for the right shoes: It pretty much goes without saying, but investing in key shoe styles is crucial for everyone. For women with shorter figures specifically, when it comes to heels, opt for a pointed toe and any kind of height to elongate your figure.

Favor your figure: Some of the best figure-flattering styling tricks include opting for a monochrome look with nude shoes or wearing a deep V-cut neckline—both guaranteed to accentuate your frame. When going for a monochrome look, play with varying shades of the same color (rather than, say, up-and-down black, although that works too) to achieve a winning look.

Accessorize strategically: You know that certain trends are better on a short shape than others. Mini bags are a perfect example of this, and on that note, avoid oversize bags. Belts are another accessory that can be a total game changer.

Cheat the system: Since adding actual inches to your frame is out of the question, there are a few sneaky tricks that work like magic. From finding the perfect pair of jeans that will make your legs look longer to actually faking your height with heels.

Master proportions: Long and oversize shapes are usually advised against for petite frames since they easily overwhelm shorter figures figure, but they work in some instances. Shorter ladies can pull off floor-grazing statement pieces, provided they fit well, have detailing that draws attention and are eye-catching. Steer clear of floaty fabrics. Instead, select clever two-pieces that nip and tuck at the waist, showing your figure to full effect and giving a more grown-up kind of vibe. Structured skirts or blazers, and anything high-waisted will be a winner.