Black jeans outfit ideas

Black jeans are so easy to wear, and you may find yourself falling into a style rut—i.e. wearing your black skinnies with a sweater three out of five days at the office. Slowly, your jeans no longer bring you the same joy as when you first bought them. To prevent this, here are five different black jean outfit ideas that will keep the essential feeling fresh.

Black Jeans + Colorful Boot: Dress from the bottom up, starting with a pair of colorful boots. They’ll give life back to the pair of black bottoms you wear every day. The easiest way to make sure your shoe matches the rest of your outfit is to pick a t-shirt, blouse, or sweater in the same tone as your footwear. For example, if you’re wearing blush-colored booties, chose a pinkish top. If you’re more into that mix-and-match look, disregard this tip completely and wear whatever top or bootie you want.

Animal Print Jacket + Slouchy Jeans: Skinny black jeans will always be a closet staple. For this season, though, step outside your silhouette comfort zone and try a pair of slightly more slouchy tapered boyfriend jeans. If you’re worried that the baggy style makes you look shorter, add heeled combat boots for extra height. Bring the whole look together with a leopard print jacket and plain white top.

Head-to-Toe Black: The head-to-toe black outfit isn’t a new idea, but you can pull off the outfit in a way that will feel fresh and capture everyone’s attentions. It boils down to the style of the pieces you choose and a key accessory like a trendy hat or a chic choice of outerwear with embroidery. For a night out, you can style your skinny jeans with a black T-shirt, blazer, and heeled sandals.

Bright Colors on Top + Black Jeans: If head-to-toe black is too drab for you, meet halfway by sticking to colors up top and black on the bottom. Give your least-worn color time to shine and don’t worry about overdoing anything—your black jeans and sling backs are the perfect canvas for this fashion experiment. You can even dress up a pair of black skinnies with a bright striped blouse and suede ankle booties.

Sheer Top + Black Jeans: Wearing a sheer top seems less daunting when you can tuck it into your safety blanket: black jeans. Reach for a lace top that offers more coverage than a flimsy mesh shirt and layer a cami underneath.