Cabinet to discuss road repairs at next parliament session – Min.

Minister of Public Works Dr. Jenan Ramadan

Minister of Public Works Dr. Jenan Ramadan said Monday the Cabinet would request a special parliament session to discuss and review latest updates on road repairs and their implementation timetable.

The Cabinet’s plea is part of cooperation with the Parliament and MPs on reviewing state procedures and implementation mechanism to repair damaged roads, Ramadan, also Minister of State for Housing Affairs, told KUNA.

Meanwhile, the Public Works Ministry discussed, at the Cabinet’s weekly meeting earlier, its periodic report on latest measures taken in cooperation with the Public Authority for Roads and Transportation (PART) to begin repairing rain-damaged roads, she noted.

The ministry and PART have actually begun their implementation process on two phases; urgently repairing of holes and paving damaged roads temporarily, said the minister.

The second phase is to boost the efficiency of the two state bodies’ observatory and technical departments, enhance their laboratories, and impose high-quality restrictions and standards on asphalt factories, laboratories, and pavement process, she added.

Source: KUNA