Campaign calls for probe on fashionistas

A campaign was launched recently under the banner of ‘Laundering Block’ that called for a boycott of some online opinion-formers who label themselves as ‘fashionistas’ while promoting values,customs and thinking that are counter to Kuwaiti traditions. The campaigners have also called for probing how these online ‘celebrities’ managed to accumulate huge amounts in their bank accounts in such short time.

According to the campaigners these people are destroying the values of society and jeopardizing the thinking among teenagers. The protesters hinted that since no action has been initiated against these fashionistas despite repeated complaints they must be operating in collusion with personnel from the ministry of interior and others responsible for dealing with such negative phenomena in society.

The campaigners say that cases of fashionistas indulging in money laundering were investigated in the past and when the probe reached an advanced stage it was suddenly shelved. Some of these celebrities cover their illegal activities by joining commercial projects to hide their sudden wealth, but even commercial projects cannot generate millions ‘overnight’.

The apparent support from ‘higher-ups’ has emboldened the fashionistas to continue their behavior, promoting parallel cultures and even health products that are unlicensed by the relevant authorities, without any fear of prosecution, said the campaigners.