CAN affirms success of raising awareness of cancer detection

Head of Cancer Awareness National Campaign (CAN), Dr. Abdulrahman Al­Awadhi, affirmed the success of a campaign to raise awareness of the community of all types of cancer.

This came during Dr. Al­Awadhi speech at the conclusion of CAN campaign under the slogan (you deserve our attention), organized in cooperation with the Board of Directors of Kuwait Women’s Voluntary Association for community service and development.

He pointed out that the campaign has trained thousands of high school graduate about selfexamination, noting that cancer is one of the great burdens that must be addressed. Dr. Al­Awadhi praised the efforts of Women’s Volunteer Association for Community Service and Development.

For her part, a member of the campaign and head of the Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign, Dr. Hessa Al­Shaheen said the campaign succeeded in spreading awareness of breast cancer, methods of prevention and early detection among a large number of women in Kuwait.

This year’s campaign witnessed a special event, the launch of the “Early Detection Vehicle” about the disease in different areas in Kuwait, she added. She stressed health awareness has become an essential component of prevention.

Source: KUNA