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Mira is a go-to source for nutrition and wellness and will join The Times Kuwait team in a new weekly column discussing nutrition and answering queries. You can send in your questions to

Six foods that burn fat

Many nutritionists believe that the type of food you consume plays an important role in burning fat. Hence, I insist that my patients do...

Top six healthy Ramadan drinks

As you all know, this year Ramadan is coming during a month where dehydration is such a serious problem. Dehydration can slow your performance...

Smart options for your Suhour

Since one should last throughout the entire next day, Suhoor should be consistent and chosen in a smart way. Most people choose their Suhoor...

In Conversation with Mira Khattar – Eating Right to Live Happy & Healthy

Our exposure to nutritional information has never been more abundant and yet the understanding that informs our choices has been muddled in the same...

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