Chance of thunderstorms in Kuwait followed by cold weather

The Meteorological Department has predicted that Kuwait may be affected by sporadic rains, and a possibility of thunderstorms, with wind speeds reaching 55 km per hour. There is also the chance of dust, and a decrease in visibility over some areas.

These weather changes usually are expected before the start of the cold winter season.

Kuwait Fire Service Directorate (KFSD) on Monday called on the public to be cautious, as weather conditions are unstable with the possibility of sporadic rain showers occurring. In a statement, KFSD also urged citizens and expatriates to avoid going on sea cruises, adding that it was important to follow the weather situation through available and official channels.

All land and marine fire stations will be operational around the clock, the statement added. It also called on the public not to hesitate to contact 112 number in case of emergency.