Check your child backpack weight

For the first time, researchers have calculated how much a child’s backpack should ideally weigh. And it turns out that it is based on the youngster’s body weight.

According to researchers at the University of Granada in Spain, a child’s backpack should weigh no more than 10 percent of what the student weighs, while trolley backpacks should weigh less than 20 percent of a child’s weight.For example, a girl or a boy whose weight is 50 kilos, the maximum recommended weight for their backpacks should be 5kg and for trolleys, lower than 10kg.

Many parents will remember carrying their too-heavy backpacks to and from school. It was not good for them then and it is not good for their children now. According to pediatricians, carrying an overly heavy backpack can have the following adverse effects on your child’s health, including increased risk of developing neck and back pain due to changes in posture and movement patterns; muscle soreness from the straps; negative effect on balance, potentially increasing the risk of falls or other injuries.

Users of school trolleys seem to have better feelings about the perception of weight, fatigue, and back pain while pulling their school trolley than backpack users, But trolleys also come with their share of downsides, including the inability to roll them along in inclement weather, such as rain and snow. Also, pulling trolleys on sidewalk or unpaved areas presents its own set of difficulties

If the trolley backpack system does not suit your child’s needs, experts suggest that parents find a high-quality, low-weight backpack with adequately padded straps.

They warn that heavy backpacks can cause muscle soreness as well as back and neck pain.

Among the tips researchers offer parents is to make sure the child carries only essentials in their backpack, leaving other items in desks, and cleaning out backpacks once a week.

If your older schoolchildren have heavier loads due to homework, musical instruments, art projects, or after-school activities, you may want to consider trolley bags.

Try to use electronic resources at home to avoid book transportation from school.
Take as few textbooks back and forth as possible. Talk to the teacher about minimizing how much students are carrying around.
Use a backpack on wheels.
Students should use both straps when wearing or using their backpack.
These simple strategies can save a lot of pain in the neck.