CITRA: challenges became drive force to combat cyberpiracy

Challenges changes related to information security have become a driving force in the fight against cyberpiracy, Chairman and CEO Public Authority of Communication and Information Technology Regulatory Authority (CITRA) Salem Al-Athaina said Sunday. Al-Athaina said in a speech at Kuwait’s First Cyber Security Conference, organized by Kuwait Hackers Company, that his authority faces great challenges in addressing such danger, calling for more efforts by public and private sectors in Kuwait.

Al-Athaina added that CITRA is keen to benefit from national expertise in the implementation of information security strategic projects within the framework of security-integrated policies, procedures, standards and technical controls. This aims at developing a national defense system, and to respond to emergencies on vital systems and confront electronic attacks, he said.

The Chairman pointed out that CITRA supports national strategy for cybersecurity in an integrated manner by establishing the National Cyber Security Center, adding that his authority also supports national cadres seeking to spread national awareness regarding cyber-attacks and how to address them. Al-Athaina also pointed out that the issues of information security, methods of treatment, and national awareness dissemination of their dangers is the duty specialists, adding that the presence of such expertise in the Kuwaiti youth contribute to fight Internet piracy.

For her part, Director General of the Central Agency for Information Technology (CAIT), Haya Al-Wadani said CAIT has prepared a comprehensive vision for an emergency project on a Kuwait-based information security center to control and protect infrastructure of information technology.

Al-Wadani added that CAIT faces challenges in cybersecurity such as campaigns of defamation and blackmail to the point of impersonation and identity replacement. The agency also have dealt with crimes related to electronic penetrations, theft of smart phone data, and spying, in addition to the random breaches of websites and the disruption of services in government and private agencies.

She stressed the need for “concerted efforts to raise awareness over the dangers of electronic misconducts and training of Kuwaiti youth to address such destructive ways in our society.”