Companies to face consequences for nonpayment or delay of salaries

Aiming to tackle the issue of delay in the disbursement of salaries by a number of companies in the private sector, a reliable source has revealed that the Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) will enforce an article related to disbursement of salaries for all companies of the private sector, governmental projects, small enterprises, and all activities and professions covered under the labor law of the private sector.

The source clarified that the files of companies that delay in transferring salaries of its employees by the 8th day of each month will be blocked, and mentioned that the law has specified the 7th day of each month as the deadline for the transfer of salaries. He reiterated that the files of companies that do not abide by this law will be closed.

Meanwhile, PAM has stressed the need for employers to abide by its decision that bans laborers from working in open areas from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm in order to ensure the safety of the laborers and the interests of employers, said a reliable source from PAM.

He indicated that PAM has taken all necessary actions to apply the decision, adding that any violations of this decision will not be tolerated. The source said all mechanisms have been set in place to ensure inspection teams will conduct campaigns in open areas, adding that these teams will be provided with automated devices which will be linked directly to the concerned departments.

Source: Al Anba