Coordination Forum for Indian Organizations formed


A common platform for socio-cultural associations titled ‘Coordination Forum for Indian Organizations, Kuwait was launched with a view to coordinating emergency medical charitable services for Indian expatriates in Kuwait in the venue of Saradhi-IndiaFest2019.  Addressing a meeting of the members of the various associations, convened to form the forum, Saradhi Kuwait’s Advisory board member and social activist Suresh K P who has taken this initiative, outlined the mission and goals of the forum.

The forum took its shape after several rounds of consultations the organizers had with renowned persons in the healthcare sector in Kuwait such as Dr. Jassem Al-Barak (Chairman, Medical Oncology -Kuwait Cancer Control Centre), Dr. Anwar Al-Nouri, Vice president, Sidra Clinic, Dr. Sushovana Sujith Nair (Oncologist- KCCC)and Dr. Mustafa Al-Musawi ( Chairman – Organ Transplant Center).

Observations have led the team to create a coordination forum among Indian organization to reach the needy in an effective manner.

“Many times due to language problems and monetary constraints treatment gets delayed. This may lead to the wrong treatment and even may result in the death of the patient. If we can provide a multi-language volunteer, that will reduce the delay to get investigations and treatments without interruption. The forum will be able to operate as a support system in coordinating medical assistance to the needy from the expat community by providing valuable information about medical care and assistance,” Suresh K P explained.

This year Pravasi Bharathiya Divas also discussed to find solutions to support the distressed Indians, this is one of the inspirations to form such a forum. The forum will have presidents as representatives from all Indian associations in Kuwait or the persons who are nominated by the associations.

The forum was officially formed at a meeting held at the India Fest venue organized by Saradhi Kuwait on the 25 February on the National Day of Kuwait. Launched in cooperation with Kuwait Cancer Control Center (KCCC) and Kuwait Organ Transplant Center, the forum has representatives from 14 states of India as its members. Many of the major Indian organizations and individuals are doing by themselves a lot of charity works for KCC and many other hospitals for the needy in Kuwait and back in India.

It is a well-known fact that India Embassy also have a welfare cell to support Indians. All of them are doing a great job for the community. This newly created forum expected to fulfill the gap between all welfare requests through better coordination.

Dr. Jassem Al-Barak officially inaugurated the forum and congratulates everyone for this unity of all Indian states together while Dr. Mustafa Al-Musawi spoke about the importance of organ donation. One organ donor will help to give life to five people and he will give financial support to his family too in Kuwait, Renowned medical oncologist Dr. Sushovana Sujith Nair lauded Saradhi Kuwait for its noble initiative in forming the forum.

Saradhi President Sugunan K V, Saradhi Trust Chairman Suresh K, N S Jayakumar, Indian Central School Principal Santha Mariam and United Indian School Principal Ajith were present during the meeting. Sajeev Narayanan proposed a vote of thanks.

Presidents from ASOM Association (ASOM), Bengali Cultural Society, Kuwait (BCS), Billava Sangha Kuwait Frontliners Association (TamilNadu), Kala Mogui Kuwait – (GOA), Maharashtra Mandal (MAHARASHTRA), Maurya Kala Samithi – (Bihar & Jharkhand), Rajasthani Darpan Association (RDA), Samarpan (Gujarat association), Telugu Kala Samithi, Telangana Jagruthi Kuwait, Blood Donors Kerala, Santhwanam, Arpan Kuwait, Kerala Association, KKMCC, Welfare Kerala Kuwait, National Forum Kuwait, Nair Service Society, Kerala Association, Nilav, Thanima and many prominent leaders were also present at the meeting along with other Major organizations from Kuwait.