Country protected from health hazards

Kuwait remains protected from all health hazards due to the relentless efforts of the National Center for the Application of International Health Regulations at the Ministry of Health, said Dr. S. Al-Qabandi, head of the Center.

Clarifying that International Health Regulations are an international legal instrument, Dr. Al-Qabandi pointed out that Kuwait is a signatory to the Regulations and remains committed to strengthening global health security by preventing health risks in the country through effective responses, while not infringing on international trade and travel.

Elaborating on the working of the Center, Dr. Al-Qabandi said it communicates directly with the World Health Organization (WHO) and reports or responds to an internal or external health hazard by seeking technical support from experts with the WHO. The center also advises people traveling to any country deemed a health risk, to either postpone their trip or take necessary preventive and precautionary measures prior to their travel.