Creative ways to wear Cubism fashion

Known as the most influential abstract art movement of the 20th century, cubism is now being translated into fashion introducing abstract patterns, geometric prints, dimensional silhouettes, stiff fabrics, sharp cuts, and edgy shapes influenced by the characteristics of Cubist paintings. If you are a fan of cubism art, here are some creative ways to wear it.

Cubism-inspired accessories: If you’re unsure on how to wear the cubism fashion, start small by selecting accessories featuring sharp edges, asymmetrical cuts, strips and shreds style, and unconventional ones. Instead of going for a rounded toe ballet flats or classic pumps in your footwear, you may slip into ankle strap footwear embellished with unique cuts and designs. Take a moodier turn, a chic, aloof look, with rectangular shaped-frame sunglasses over rounded ones as Cubism is known for its sharp edges, while Geometric ones may consist of irregular and even curvy shapes.

Clothing choices with cut-out, asymmetrical, and bias-cut features: Since Cubism art represents its subject in multiple perspectives in different angles; ensembles with two dimensional or even three-dimensional silhouettes are visually appealing with ruffles, folds, cut-outs and panel cuts that are all achingly modern. Fabrics can play an amazing role in your overall modish look; softer and silkier fabrics are the best to emphasize style. Spruce up your basic attire by pairing them with blouses and skirts in bias cuts and edgy shapes, your perfect matches are those with a body skimming effect.

Patterns with repeated designs and sharp geometric shapes: Geometric prints are attractive and their psychedelic boldness is perfect for women who like to stand out. When it comes to choosing a geometric-print design, the possibilities are endless. Sharp geometric patterns like checks, triangles, diamonds, stripes and such offer a variety of styling choices. However, keep in mind that the clothing items effect on your figure, whether they slim it down or widen it out. If you’re carrying weight on your hips, go for a geometric-printed top to balance your figure, it will draw the attention away from your hips.

Color blocked styles of clothing: Show off a color-blocked style with different solid-colored pieces to create a color blocked outfit or alternatively, pick out ensembles with color blocked panels that is easier to pull off a complete outfit. Go for bright and cheery colors, and creatively contrast the textures of your fabrics to make your outfit more interesting and striking. Lace, chiffon, faux leather, patent leather, neoprene, cashmere, and even fur can switch up your usual style and help you achieve a look that is very modern, really clean and fresh-feeling.