Czech Republic congratulates Kuwait on occasion of the National Day & Liberation Day

It gives me great pleasure to convey my congratulations to the great nation of Kuwait on the occasion of the Independence Day and the Liberation Day. The Czech Republic and Kuwait have historically enjoyed cordial and friendly relations ever since Kuwait became an independent state in 1961. Former Czechoslovakia (the precursor to modern-day Czech Republic) was one of the first European countries to open its embassy in Kuwait in 1963 and since then, the political, economic and cultural ties between the two countries have flourished steadily.

Czechoslovaks were proud to be able to contribute to the liberation of Kuwait in 1991 by deploying a special unit of the Czechoslovak army in combat operations with the aim of protecting coalition forces from chemical attacks by the retreating Iraqi army.

Many Kuwaitis know my country very well, as they have traditionally enjoyed going to the major Czech spas, in particular the popular spas of Teplice and Karlovy Vary. The Czech Embassy in Kuwait is pleased to see a continuation of this tradition and we have always taken great pride in showcasing Czechia as an attractive destination for leisure, spa and medical tourism.

We have been consistently promoting the further development of the ties between Kuwaitis and Czechs, as we strongly believe that the cultural and educational exchange between the people of different nations, religions and cultures furthers their mutual understanding, respect and friendship. Ladies and gentlemen, let me once again pass on my congratulations and warm wishes to enjoy the National Day celebrations in a spirit of peace and cordiality to the wonderful nation of Kuwait.