Diplomatic Women’s Committee lauds accomplishments of Kuwaiti women

Diplomatic Women’s Committee, a group made up of female Ambassadors and spouses of Ambassadors in Kuwait, held a ceremony to mark International Woman’s Day on 8 March.

Narjes Al-Shatti, committee advisor, pointed out that the political leadership paved the way for Kuwaiti women to contribute to the development of their country through their occupation of senior ministerial positions.

Al-Shatti, pointed out that International Woman Day was a moment of reflection to see “what we have achieved as individuals, communities, people and nations.”

She added that women have proven they are as qualified as a man in sacrifices and burden-sharing. Al-Shatti said the women in Kuwait were granted full political rights, so she could vote, run for parliament, and so many women have reached the position of ministers. She underscored that International Woman’s Day was a reminder for Kuwaiti females that more work needed to be done by Kuwaiti women in the service of their country.