An eatery that offers good food in a wholesome menu, DJR provides a choice of chicken burgers, beef burgers, sandwiches, doughnut sandwiches and desserts.

Chicken burgers that entice include the Grilled Chicken and Spicy Buffalo Chicken or you could try the deeps flavors of Mushroom Burger and Classic Burger. The specialty doughnut burgers, more specifically the DJR Doughnut Burger and DJR Doughnut Chicken Fillette overwhelm your taste buds in a good way.

The main course includes fulfilling Penne Pink Pasta, Spaghetti and the flavorful Beef Steak with Mushroom. You can also opt for some crunchy heft in your plate with the low carb options such as Low Carb Grilled Chicken and Low Carb Beef Burger.

Round out your meal with Mini Pancakes as a great dessert option.

Popular dish: Beef steak with mushroom
Location: Jabriya.