Domestic labor office owners protest new parliamentary proposal

The Union of Owners of Domestic Labor Offices has overwhelmingly rejected the recent proposal by parliament to increase the period of bank guarantee for bringing in domestic workers from the current six months to two years or the duration of the contract.

The owners said the proposal would definitely add a new burden to their operations and could lead to many offices becoming bankrupt. They warned that if the new proposal is implemented it could lead to foreign recruitment agencies for domestic workers refusing to send their labor force to Kuwait.

In a statement to the daily, the Union President Khaled Al-Dukhanan lamented the potential damage to the domestic labor offices if the proposal is approved, stressing that the proposal allows sponsors to return the domestic workers to the offices even after a year or nine months, which will definitely cause heavy financial losses for these recruitment offices. Moreover, some domestic helpers do not continue their work with the sponsor, which then obliges the office to repatriate the worker back to their country at the office’s expense.

Al-Dukhanan pointed out that the union was never consulted about the parliamentary proposal, although the union is the legitimate representative of the owners of domestic labor offices in Kuwait. He called upon the MPs to reject the proposal as it would be a burden to the labor offices and result in many of them having to close down.