Savor great pizzas, reminiscent of the artful variations proffered by renowned pizzerias in Italy, at the Doppio.  A variety of oven-baked pizzas that offer original flavors of Italy in every bite, include the delicious Hibbzi, Di Napoli, Frodo, Solo, and Marimina.

Di Napoli is particularly enticing with its fresh mushrooms, while wood-roasted Marimina pizzas ensure the earthy flavors are retained. Try out interesting combinations, such as Honey B, which is a delicious combination of bacon with honey, or another honey variation, the Ring of Fayaaa pizza. The Doppio pizza offers delicious pepperoni and salami in mozzarella cheese, while the Amedeo comes with the tastiest white sauce dousing the smoked turkey toppings.

Popular dish: Amedeo

Location: The M2 at Salhiya Complex. Call: 22451511