E-cigarettes could be behind new lung disease

Man smoking e-cigarette

The number of people suffering from a mysterious lung disease as a result of smoking e-cigarettes is increasing in the United States, warned the US Health Department.

Elaborating on the US warning, the Vice- President of the Kuwaiti Society for Smoking and Cancer, and consultant oncologist Dr. Khalid Ahmad Saleh said, “While it may be too early to judge e-cigarettes, the latest US findings and scientific reports have underlined the potential danger of e-cigarettes.”

He pointed out that the use of any kind of tobacco, including e-tobacco,   carry great risks to human health and the best solution is to stop smoking. He urged people, especially the young, not to resort to alternatives that are advertised by tobacco companies for their material profits without taking into account human health toll.

Many experts have suggested that the future may reveal the dangers of e-cigarette smoking that is not currently taken into account. Health authorities have warned that e-smokers not only breathe nicotine with water vapor, but that form of smoking is accompanied by many aldehydes and very small molecules that are dangerous in themselves and may be the cause of this mysterious lung disease.