Ethopian embassy promotes country’s tourist attractions at event

Human Line Organization in collaboration with Social Work Society organized a cultural event under the theme ‘One Roof’ on 27 March at the Yarmouk Cultural Center, to mark the celebration of this year’s International Museum Day.

Participating in the event, the embassy of Ethiopia together with assistance from members of the Ethiopian community in Kuwait showcased the various traditional costumes of Ethiopia and highlighted tourist attractions in the country.

As part of the cultural event, there was a demonstration in brewing traditional Ethiopian coffee that was shared with visitors, and a performance by the Habasha Band — a group of talented Ethiopian dancers and singers in Kuwait. They exhibited a mix of styles from the dance and music heritage of Ethiopia which reflected the rich cultural diversity of the people.

The booth garnered a lot of attention as Ethiopia has a compelling history, including the fact that it was the African nation for Islam’s first refuge, known as the first Hegira.

More than a 100 participants were briefed on the historical aspects of the country’s ancient civilizations, historical heritages, values of tolerance and co-existence.