Expat nurse loses job for medical negligence

The Ministry of Health (MoH) has reportedly terminated the services of an expatriate nurse working at one of its hospitals after it found the nurse responsible for a grave medical error.

The Kuwait Human Rights Society (KHRS) has expressed grave concern over the rampant medical negligence in the country’s hospitals. According to the Criminal Evidence General Department at the Ministry of Interior, around 450 cases of medical negligence or medical malpractice are reported from hospitals, each month.

The KHRS called on the authorities to enact laws which protect patients from medical negligence and ensure medical responsibility for mishaps that occur in hospitals or as a result of wrong diagnosis or medication by medical personnel. The society said that current laws have serious loopholes and lack stipulation on regulating doctor’s responsibility, in addition to major differences between Kuwaiti laws and that of neighboring countries in this regard.

The malpractices of medical staff was highlighted through a high-profile case last year when a woman sued a cosmetic surgeon for KD100,000 alleging that the doctor had committed a severe medical error, and demanding the compensation from the doctor to cover the physical, mental and emotional damages that she suffered.