External forces aiming to destabilize country

Parliamentarian Khalil Abul has warned of the possibility of external intelligence forces working to destabilize the country by organizing attacks on individuals and institutions through social media platforms.

He said the level of coordination and synchronization in the spread of rumors through fake social media accounts, and the amount and detailed nature of the information published by these accounts, cannot be the improvised work of individuals, but could only be carried out by professionally organized criminals with cross-border support.

The lawmaker urged the responsible authorities to track down the owners of these accounts, as well as those that fund them, and clamp down these online sources of misinformation. He added, “When I see a corrupt group claiming honor and honesty, raising the banner of reform, and urging support and push for a certain change, I wonder… where are we heading to.”

He warned of what he described as the “organized machine” which seeks to weaken the incoming parliamentarians and weaken the democratic process and encroach on the State institutions, and said the suspicious media machine is one of the reasons for dissatisfaction within the legislative institution, because this media machinery works to influence public opinion.

He said people have the right to pursue and criticize corruption and seek reform, saying that the government is unable to correct this phenomena since it is confused because of the organized shadowy media machine.