Fall in expat numbers in public sector

Latest statistics from the Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI) show that the total number of foreigners working in public sector entities fell from 127,000 at the start of the year, to 123,000 at the end of October.

The statistics revealed the number of expats working in 89 government bodies. The figures show that there was only one foreigner working in the International organizations’ Liaison Office, another at the Municipal Council, three at Boursa Kuwait and eight in the Citizens’ Service Agency.

Meanwhile, there were zero expatriates employed with the Kuwait Authority for Partnership Projects (KAPP), the Public Authority for the Holy Quran and Sunnah Publication and Propagation and in the Community Development Center.

However, the statistics also showed that 4,425 foreigners continued to work for the Kuwait Flour Mills and Bakeries Company, comprising nearly 97 percent of the workforce of 4570 employees. Around 2,000 foreigners were employed by Kuwait Oil Company, and 531 expats worked for the Public Authority for the Disabled, comprising 35 percent of its workforce.

In addition, there were 5,593 expats working with Kuwait Airways out of a total workforce of 6,835. Expats also accounted for 278 out of the total workforce of 348 working for Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences. Figures also showed, 4,028 expats working in the awqaf ministry, 1,201 in the council of ministers, 586 working in the ministry of social affairs and 330 working for the parliament.

Meanwhile, the report showed that the least number of expat employees worked for the oil ministry with only seven expat employees, one at the Arab Center for Educational Technologies, 11 at the vocational training institute, and 23 in the Kuwait National Fund For Small And Medium Enterprise Development.

On the other hand, the highest number of expat employees work for the health ministry – 33,926 employees, followed by the education ministry with 27,545, defense ministry with 17,990, interior ministry with 7,284, ministry of services with 108, commerce ministry with 116, the finance ministry with 148, the foreign ministry with 347, the housing authority with 450, public works ministry with 515, Amiri Diwan with 839, information ministry with 1,138, justice ministry with 1,138 and electricity and water ministry with 1,177 employees.

The report also showed very low numbers of expats in various government authorities, with only 66 in the manpower authority, 24 in the competition protection authority, 44 in the anti-corruption authority, 74 in the food and nutrition authority, 63 in the Capital Markets Authority, 35 in Kuwait Direct Investment Promotion Authority, 63 in Kuwait Oil Tankers Company, 38 in the national security department, 419 in the Crown Prince Diwan, 112 in Kuwait Investment Authority, 151 in the Central Bank, 37 in the Credit Bank and 171 in Kuwait Ports Authority.