Filipinos file the least complaints in 2019 among expats in Kuwait

Filipinos file the least number of complaints against their employers or compatriots, recent statistic have revealed according to Al Qabas newspaper.

Statistics issued by the Domestic Labor Department showed that Filipinos have the least number of trouble making expatriates who are subject to deportation, in spite of the intention of authorities in the Philippines to suspend export of labor to Kuwait after the recent killing of a Filipino domestic worker by her sponsor, the paper stated

Statistics indicate the rate of complaints filed by Filipinos declined by 33 percent in 2019 and from 36 percent in the previous year, indicating complaints filed by Filipinos in 2019 made up only 3 percent

It also showed that Filipinos used to file an average of 400 complaints per year and they were the largest category among 14 different communities but 2019 witnessed the withdrawal of several complaints and lawsuits filed by them as a result of stricter enforcement and better treatment by employers.