Garbage piles up as cleaning contractors change

Garbage has been piling up around various areas in Kuwait creating a stench and health hazard as residents of poorer suburbs are feeling the unbearable conditions of the contractual change between cleaning companies.

The new contracts signed between the Kuwait Municipality and 17 cleaning companies include heavy fines against the companies if they are found in negligence of the duties entrusted to them, but so far the municipality is yet to find solutions to the garbage piles in several areas.

According to the new system, companies are penalized with daily fines if it is discovered that they have failed to clean the area they are responsible for, as well as for other infractions.

The new contracts have been signed at very competitive rates said a source at the municipality, revealing that the costs have been reduced by over 50 percent from the KD 285 million earlier to KD124 million for the new contract.

A table of fines has also been drawn up that imposes hefty fines of up to KD5,000  on companies that perform poorly, including if they do not have 80 percent of their equipment and other machinery in good working condition. Those who do not rectify their mistakes will have their contracts canceled and a new company will be chosen in their place.