Healing Power of Ginger

Ginger is always thought to be good for digestion and circulation, and I am sure that a lot of you have used it for many purposes. I personally enjoy savoring it cooked though a lot of people prefer to have it as a drink. In Japanese restaurants, they usually offer ginger to alter the taste between different rolls, but I usually order a double portion to enjoy its taste.

Ginger has been used by Chinese herbalists for more than 2000 years for culinary and medicinal purposes. Here are the various health benefits of ginger.

Prevents motion sickness when travelling: Ginger is just as effective as other drugs used to treat motion sickness. So add a bit of ginger to the meal you eat before going on a plane or boat.

Calm an upset stomach: Ginger is also known to have the ability to promote the flow of bile and calm an upset stomach.

Supports a healthy cardiovascular system: Stimulates the health of the cardiovascular system by making platelets less sticky, which in turn reduces circulatory problems. Stomach cramps can be eased and circulation can also be improved.

Best for cooking: Ginger can be freshly grated and used in cooking. It is also available as a supplement which can be taken on a daily bases. It is always better to take it from food rather than supplements, but Ginger pills do not interact with any other nutrients or drugs in the body and ginger in all forms is very safe to take. Besides providing a lot of benefits, ginger is also low in calories and in saturated fat.

Reduce pain and inflammation:  Studies have shown that ginger has anti-inflammatory properties and is a powerful natural painkiller.

Relieve heart burns: Ginger has long been used as a natural heart burn remedy and is mostly taken in the form of tea (whether cold or hot) for that purpose.

Treating ovarian cancer: Ginger is also powerful in treating ovarian cancer, and research proves that ginger gives a remarkable migraine relief.

Menstrual discomfort: Ginger tea with brown sugar is used for the treatment of menstrual cramps, according to Chinese medicine.

Asthma: Drinking ginger tea is beneficial to help with problems related to asthma. It helps to loosen phlegm and expand the lungs, which allows you to recover from difficult breathing. This is also in addition to reducing allergies and constant sneezing.

Recipe for lemon and Ginger drink:

Servings: 5


2 whole lemons

1 handful Ginger, peeled and sliced

3 tablespoons of brown sugar

2 liters of boiled water


Place lemons, Ginger and sugar in a heatproof jug.

Pour boiled water over the ingredients and wait until it cools to room temperature. Refrigerate until cold. To serve: Put plenty of ice and few mint leaves in each glass then serve.

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