A hip restaurant that takes healthy lifestyle to a new level, Healthylicious provides a fine selection of fresh gourmet Angus grilled burgers and steaks. Spices break down the tough brisket meat while allowing its flavors to converge with the complexity of the in-house secret sauces. The burger options include the Fit Lean Beef Burger and Bomb Lean Beef Burger while the grilled chicken selections range from Balsamic Chicken Breast, Mushroom Chicken Breast or BBQ Chicken Breast.

If you are a pizza lover, then delight in the low carb, low fat, healthylicious pizzas section with the Low Carb Low Fat Chicken Pizza, Low Carb Low Fat Whole Wheat Chicken Pizza and Low Carb Low Fat Margarita Pizza.

Complementing the menu is a comprehensive list of desserts, including fruit smoothies and protein shakes that are suited for every taste, whether you want to bulk up, have a protein recovery shake or to enjoy a soothing Juice Mocktail like Ruby or Tangyberry.

Popular dish: Healthylicious BBQ Lean Tenderloin Steak
Location: Located at Salmiya, Sabah Al Salem in Platinum Gym, Egalia in Sama Mall and Palms Hotel.