Iconsiam – a global shopping destination

Iconsiam, located on the Chao Phraya River, in Bangkok, Thailand is pioneering innovative and creative ideas in ‘destination development’ by bringing together, in a single destination, a great riverside location with art, culture, lifestyle pursuits, endless dining options, super-luxury residences, and shopping. Discover the best of Thailand and the best on offer from around the world, as you are given opportunities to be inspired and seek new ideas. Below are some of the main attractions labeled the ‘Seven Wonders at Iconsiam’.

River Park: This massive riverside community space is designed for daily use by community members. It takes advantage of the picturesque landscape of the Chao Phraya River to create an amazing and expansive community space covering over 10,000-square meter along the river. The park is open to the public every day, particularly benefiting members of surrounding communities and visitors from far and wide who love and admire the river’s atmosphere.

The Iconic Multimedia Water Features: This multimedia feature, which is the longest in Southeast Asia, is designed to be a global iconic attraction that promotes tourism for Bangkok and Thailand. It will enable Bangkok to rival the world’s leading metropolises just as the London Eye does for London and the Botanic Garden at the Marina Bay Sands does for Singapore. It will spark tourism for the Chao Phraya River in a major way. The Iconic Multimedia Water Features is open to the public free of charge every day and has three shows daily at the River Park.

SookSiam: This amazing town is Thailand’s first co-creation space for local communities from the 77 provinces of Thailand to join together their creative capabilities and build a business platform and cultural space. A strong network was created by small business operators from local communities nationwide, local enterprises, artists from all regions and government agencies who are working together to create a town to showcase popular products and cultures that are the pride of individual provinces. SookSiam serves as a platform for local products to be further developed with merchandising and marketing ideas to help them penetrate international markets.

True Icon Hall: The state-of-the art and technologically most advanced auditorium in Thailand will have a far-reaching impact on businesses along the Chao Phraya River and will benefit Thailand’s Meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions (MICE) industry. The venue will be the first such facility in Thailand with world-class connectivity standards capable of hosting conferences requiring the most sophisticated equipment, concerts, and international MICE events. It will help push Bangkok as a hub for international conferences. True ICON Hall is scheduled to open in 2019.

River Museum Bangkok: The venue provides cultural space in a commercial project to bring art and culture closer to the public’s daily life and give people access to world-class art from different countries. It is the first time that a world-class museum is being built in Thailand capable of accommodating important world-touring exhibitions. It is scheduled to open in 2019 and will add to Thailand’s cultural offerings.

Art Synergy Phenomenon: ICONSIAM houses masterpieces from more than 100 artists in all disciplines ranging from local artists from all regions of Thailand, including national artists, as well as world-class artists from different countries. These artists have come together to create masterpieces exclusively for ICONSIAM – the first time this has been done for a commercial project in Thailand at this scale. It gives Thailand’s art community a platform to find international fame.

Gold Line Monorail: The monorail system will support urban development with road-rail-river transport connections to elevate the public’s quality of life. It is the first time in Thailand that a private sector mega-project developer has supported the building of a public mass transit system to mitigate potential traffic issues in the way that many other countries require of mega projects. ICONSIAM is also building 4 massive piers inside the project to provide complete road-rail-river connectivity and increase travel options for people living along the Chao Phraya River. Gold Line Monorail is scheduled to operate in late 2019.

Iconluxe: Many of the world’s ultra-luxury brands have located their flagship stores in the stunning 25,000-square meter super luxury pavilion called ‘ICONLUXE’ which is situated next to the river and has the longest pillarless glass façade in the world. It is built with specially commissioned glass that is pleated around the building to create a nirvana of luxury that is a new landmark on the Chao Phraya River. ICONSIAM houses the world’s best-known luxury brands with flagship stores that are also globally iconic stores. The ‘icons within icon’ concept was created by ICONSIAM to present luxury brands within duplex maisons inside the sensational ICONLUXE.

Wondrous dining zones: A selection of over a hundred famous restaurants from all over the world are available in seven spacious zones, with each of them catering to diverse culinary tastes. The wide array of dishes on offer comes from venues ranging from Michelin-starred restaurants to famous Thai street food stalls. Expose yourself to the different flavors of food from all over the world, all amidst impressive artwork and before magnificent views of the Chao Phraya River. Some of these options include SookSiam, The Veranda, Siam Takashimaya Rose Dining, and Alangkarn
SookSiam offers authentic Thai dishes made to original recipes that have been passed down from one generation to the next – and many are difficult to find elsewhere or are even almost extinct.

The Veranda is home to 16 food shops and eight sweet shops from all over the world, each providing excellent choices to suit all tastes. Siam Takashimaya Rose Dining comprises of seven high-end Japanese restaurants: Toku, Otaru Masa Sushi, Katsukura, Kissyan, Kamui, Takewaka, and ELLE Café.

Alangkarn is designed around rice, the heart of Thai food culture. This area features rice paddies, waterfalls, and pavilions that have been designed based on Thai agricultural tools. The dining venues in this zone include four cafés, 17 restaurants, and 12 international fine-dining restaurants. Together, they offer a comprehensive array of Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Indian and French cuisine. One among the highlights is Taiwan’s extravagant Harbour buffet restaurant with its first branch in Thailand. Harbour serves various cuisines, from Western to Asian, with 200 international food items.