ICSK students teach a class

The Indian Community School (ICSK) Senior organized ‘The Teach Me’ session on 23 April at all the classes. The students came prepared for their class and delivered the lectures enthusiastically. They were judged by the teachers based on their performances in the class. The criteria of assessment was based on the student’s knowledge in the subject, their ability to control the class, level of confidence and their teaching skills. The students realized that of all the hard jobs around, one of the hardest is being a good teacher.

ICSK introduced this unique project in the classroom wherein the students of all classes got an opportunity to teach their class on any topic. This project, which is being followed for years in school, was done in order to encourage students to respect their teachers and to help boost their self-confidence. Learning takes place through teaching, and the students learn to be patient too.

The practice also helps to develop teaching-learning abilities, understand the importance of teaching and develop the talent in public speaking.