IES conducts Business Quiz 2019

The Department of Commerce of Indian Educational School (IES) conducted the Business Quiz program in the school auditorium on 30 October.

The program kicked off with Vishnupriya Rajkumar of Class 12C extending a warm welcome to all the participants and attendees. This was followed by the quiz program, which was hosted by Theresa Ajai and Jericca Merryl Antony of 12C.

Six teams, comprising of two students each, one from grade 11 and another from grade 12 competed in the  program. The six teams comprised of Deepak Rengaraj and Rohan Sunil; Nandakrishnan Mukundhan and Justin Ignatius; Zahra Fazly and Ali Contractor; Julian Gigimon and Abdulla Yusuf; Issac John and Sreenath Prithviraj; and Rubyna Akther and Hanisha Shevkani. The team members were selected through the prelims round conducted prior to the summer vacations.

The judges of the day were Susanth K.V., a member of the Department of Commerce and Sriee Aswathaman of the Department of French.

The quiz commenced with the first round of logo identification which tested the participants’ skills to identify logos of famous businesses. To make the show more interesting and competitive, teams were eliminated after each round based on their scores. After the elimination, the second round of personality identification took place, followed by the acronyms round, brand identification round, rapid-fire round and the advertisement identification round. For the last three rounds, there were only two teams left on stage.

Following the quiz program, Adweith Gokul of 12C delivered the vote of thanks to the audience and everyone who helped in making the program a great success.

The results of the quiz program were then announced by Mr. Aswathaman. The 3rd place was shared by two teams, Julian Gigimon and Abdulla Yusuf, and Issac John and Sreenath Prithviraj, with both teams receiving 30 points each. The second place was won by Zahra Fazly and Ali Contractor with 90 points, while the first place by awarded to the team of Deepak Rengaraj and Rohan Sunil who scored 150 points.

The Business Quiz was a momentous event which taught the students new facts about the ever-changing business world. It showed them how important commerce is in the running of the world and its economy.

By Pallavi Veena Rajkumar