IES organizes student council elections

Indian Educational School (IES), Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Kuwait, witnessed enthusiastic participation on 17 April as the school held its election for the Student Council. The IES Principal T. Premkumar, who headed the Election Commission along with Vice Principal CCA, Meenakshi Nayyar, addressed a press conference in which dates of the elections were declared. Student journalists asked questions on behalf of the students and the press conference was recorded and videocast in each class on 14 April.

The class teachers then collected the nomination forms which were thoroughly scrutinized by the Election Committee comprising of Chairman, Bhavans Middle-East,N.K. Ramachandran Menon, Principal IES T. Premkumar, Senior Vice Principal Anselma Tessy Judeson, Vice Principal Middle Wing Jaemi Byju, HoD of Social Science Binoy Mathew, HoD of French, Sriee Aswathaman G.N, and Ann Bindya Peter and Hajira Banu from the department of Social Science. The students who filed nominations for the various posts of the Student Council had to meet certain criteria, such as a minimum grade point, a good discipline record, etc.

The excitement reached a feverish pitch with the campaign speeches on 15 April as the candidates for the student council enthusiastically outlined their plans of action and policies, followed by a highly interactive session in which they were questioned on their electoral manifesto. The contestants for the post of house captains and vice captains did their campaign speeches on 16 April.

The elections were held on 17 April. The students of grades 7 to 12 had the privilege of voting and electing their leaders. The young voters took turns class-wise and cast their votes online. The whole digital process was successfully and meticulously coordinated by the department of IT.

The live updates of voting and counting online helped to pique the curiosity of students about knowing who their new leaders were going to be. The formal declaration of the result was made by the Principal who also congratulated the winners warmly and wished them all the success in steering the student council for the academic session 2019-2020.

The list of newly elected student council members are:
Head Boy: Daniel Thomas Koleth – G11 A; Head Girl: Liana Maria Joseph – G11 A; Deputy Head Boy: Dave Rino – G9 G; Deputy Head Girl: Farah Noorjahan Sahim – G9 C; Cultural Secretary (BOY): Nikhil Sreekumar Nair – G11 C; Cultural Secretary (GIRL):Aishwarya Babu – G11 C; Deputy Cultural Secretary (BOY): Aadarsh Krishnakumar -G9 C; Deputy Cultural Secretary (GIRL):Lakshmi Sahiti Vallabhaneni -G9 E.