IES students engage in eco-friendly ventures

Indian Educational School (IES), Kuwait, as Bhavanites celebrated World Environment Day on 9 June was a day of immense exuberance. Many events were carefully planned and effectively implemented by the Department of Science for encouraging environmental sensitivity among children.

With the notion of beating air pollution, the students of grades 1 to 4 adorned the bulletin boards of their classes with pictures and information related to the theme of the year – Air Pollution – we can’t stop breathing but we can do something about the quality of air that we breathe. ‘Best out of Waste’, a science competition with the theme of creating science working models, still models, toys, diorama, projects etc. from waste materials was organized for grades 3 and 4. Insightful minds came up with a myriad of creative ideas.  Innovative science models like water dispenser, electronic voting machine, windmill hydraulic lift, vacuum cleaner among others were exhibited. This event really inspired the little ones and helped in inculcating the 3R principle of reduce, reuse and recycle.

Grade 2 students depicted their artistic talents by making beautifully decorated paper bags and saying ‘no to plastic’.  Students of grade 1 also contributed wholeheartedly by making bookmarks and writing slogans.

An online science quiz was conducted for classes 5 to 10 to ingrain scientific temperament in school children. It also imparted the importance of conservation and sustainable development to save the environment. The students, the prospective environmentalists, and conservationists emerged from these ventures with a vow to champion the cause of a green and clean world.