ILOA organizes two-day workshop to highlight comprehensive learning techniques

Indian Learners’ Own Academy (ILOA) hosted a two-day workshop in cooperation with Educational Initiatives titled ‘Understanding students’ learning through insightful assessment’ on 13 and 14 April. It focused on showcasing some of the comprehensive learning through insightful assessment and how it could help schools to transform learning and improve teacher’s effectiveness. A general semantic approach was organized by EI (Educational Initiatives).

The program started in the school auditorium with an aura of piousness invoking the blessings of the Almighty followed by the welcome address by Asha Sharma, Principal of ILOA. She welcomed the Chief guest Prem Kumar, the Principal of Indian Educational School and Chairman of CBSE Gulf Sahodaya. She also extended a warm welcome to the Resource persons, Principals and teachers of various schools across Kuwait Chapter.

Prabhat Kumar, an eminent resource person who has been working with Educational Initiatives as the lead educational specialist and leads the team that creates assessment products for Science was the resource person for Mathematics and Science.

Sanjitha Basu, who is a seasoned educationalist with specialization in English, was the second resource person for both the days. She has developed and managed the Teacher Assessment Tool (TAT).  Sanjitha has also been a part of a team of subject experts who developed items for the National Achievement Survey in collaboration with NCERT and the Educational Survey Division of India.

Around 185 participating teachers from 18 Indian schools attended this workshop.

The workshop was divided into three sessions. The first session focused on understanding the qualities of different types of questions and discussed them through an interactive method. The ideas regarding how a question could improve the learning of students were contemplated upon and initiated to put into action.

The second session aimed at how to frame good questions and also discussed the strategies that could be adopted to make discerning questions and systematic approach.

The third session explored some existing ASSET questions, reviewed student performance in them and analyzed insights about students learning that’s captured by each question.

The workshop provided space to discuss the common areas of misconception in specific classes and explored some remedial practices that could be adopted in our pedagogy in order to avoid the misconception in students. The workshop helped the teachers to enhance students learning through a series of probing questions to aid students in determining their extent of knowledge and understanding. Participating teachers received certificates.