IMA organizes Jalsa Isra Wal Me’raj program

Indian Muslim Association (IMA) conducted Isra Wal Me’raj program on Thursday, 4 April after Esha prayer in Masjid Al-Adsani. The program started with the recitation of Holy Quran and after the recitation, Waleed Umari a famous orator delivered his speech on the subject of the core spirit of Isra Wal Me’raj.

In the beginning, he recited a short story of Isra Wal Me’raj, and delivered a lesson and highlighted the teachings to the attendees on the Prophet PBUH observations during this holy journey in a very appealing way. He also illustrated the gifts and commands given to Prophet PBUH for this Umma during this miracle journey in a very positive way and stressed the responsibility for his believers to perform their duty.

Ministry of Awqaf – Masjid Al-Kabir delegate Mohamed Ali also delivered his feelings on this occasion. He mentioned a quote of Masjid Hara’am in Meca and Masjid Aqsa in Qudus inside Quran that shows a strong relationship between both cities and holy mosques. He also pointed out a strong relation of IMA with Masjid Al-Kaber and expressed his appreciation for IMA efforts.

The second public speech was delivered by visiting Indian eminent scholar Dr. Mohyudding Ghazi.In the beginning, he emphasized that this miracle journey happened in a very hard and harsh time of the Prophet PBUH’s life and through this unbelievable journey, Almighty Allah gave his clear message to humanity that, Allah is so powerful and can do everything for his believers and offers help in their hard time.

Dr. Ghazi also emphasized that we should connect our relation with the great holy book of Quran. “Salat is Me’raj of Muslims and we should perform it with the same imagination as we are in heaven. We read Quran with the same sprit as we are meeting with angels & prophets, we are watching heaven and hells and we observe the punishment of Almighty Allah. These all are the observation which Prophet PBUH did during his Isra Wal Me’raj journey and we too watch the same during the study of Quran,” He stated.

The concluding speech was delivered by IMA President Masood Shahab. First, he extended his thanks to the participants who attended the program on the IMA invitation and explained that such programs being organized by IMA occasionally to provide a momentum to change our life and make our life practical with the teaching of Islam.

He also urged that we should recognize our position that we are a Dae Umma and we should perform our duty, and in the case of negligence, we will be responsible in front of Allah. He concluded with this appeal that we are close to the Holy Month of Ramadan and every Muslim must pay attention to the Quran during Ramadan, and must utilize this Ramadan to understand Quran. The program ended with the recitation of Dua.

Around 600 people attended this program. Dinner packets were served at the end of program for all participants.