Impressive showcase of Italian art, culture and music during Italian Week

The 3rd edition of ‘Italian Week’, a cultural and promotional event that highlighted various aspects of Italy, drew to a close on Sunday after a weeklong variety of activities from exhibitions to concerts sponsored by the Italian embassy. During the Italian week, organized between 18 to 25 November, the spotlight was on the talent and creativity of visiting Italian nationals whose efforts in music, art and culinary endeavors reflected the best of Italy.

Launching the program was an air show of the spectacular maneuvers of the Italian aircraft, T346A and Eurofighter flown by Reparto Sperimentale Volo and Italian Acrobatic Team ‘Frecce Tricolori’. The air show, organized by the Office of the Italian Defense Attaché’ in collaboration with the Italian Embassy in Kuwait and Italybased aerospace and defense company Leonardo, displayed the achievements of Italian technology.

In a statement on the occasion, the Italian ambassador H.E. Giuseppe Scognamiglio, said: “This amazing technical performance with spectacular maneuvers of the Italian aircrafts T346A and Eurofighter is the perfect start of the 3rd edition of our cultural and promotional event that will develop the farreaching and diversified range of activities that varies from concerts to exhibitions, from fashion events to artistic activities, from cuisine to conferences”. Some of the amazing performances included the first Italian concert that featured the talents of the young artists of the Youth Orchestra –‘Teatro della opera di Roma’ held at the Jaber Al-Ahmed Cultural Center on 18 November.

Then, there was the inspired jazz music by remarkable Italian musician Daniele Sepe, on 21 November at the AbdulHussain AbdulRidha Salmiya Theater. This was followed by an Italian Music Night titled ‘The Jazz Piano’ lead by Francesco Grillo at the Yarmouk Cultural Centre on 25 November that ended the Italian week.  Francesco Grillo is considered one of Italy’s greatest musical talents, eclectic pianist and composer, with a repertoire spanning different musical genres and boasting his own compositions.

On the educational aspects, the 3rd annual conference on Waste Management was presented by visiting Prof. Umberto Arena of the University of Campania Luigi Vanvitelli in collaboration with Kuwait Institute of Scientific Research (KISR) at KISR premises. In a similar vein, the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International cooperation and curated by La Triennale di Milano team supported ‘The Shapes of Water’ exhibition, which was inaugurated on 21 November at the Sheikh Abdullah Al-Salem Cultural Centre. The exhibition is a collection of social design and product design projects on the topic of the vessels that contain water and their function. The exhibition features innovatively designed vessels such as cisterns, containers, large amphoras, jars or wineskins, using local and traditional techniques that either recuse existing materials or enhance the know-how of their countries.

As part of its health initiative, an exercise session called ‘Do Sport, Be Healthy ‘ was held at Marina Beach where attendees were encouraged to participate in various activities to keep healthy and fit.

To inculcate interest in the Italian language, free Italian language introduction lessons was organized in collaboration with Faculty of Architecture-Kuwait University led by language experts Simona Rupoli and Alexandra Zambon, on 19 and 21 November at the College of Architecture.

Italy is regarded as one of the fashion capitals of the world, and providing a glimpse into the country’s fashion history were two exhibitions, titled ‘Walking Art Exhibition’, featuring the luxurious and well known International brands from Italy and a fashion exhibition to mark ’50 Years of Italian Fashion’ , which showcased beautiful outfits from the iconic brand Bencivenga Alta Sartoria’s archive. ‘Walking Art Exhibition’ offered up magnificent sights that depicted the history, art and fashion of Italian footwear at the ‘Prestige Area’ of The Avenues.  Meanwhile, presenting the beauty and luxurious aesthetic of fashion icon brand Bencivenga Alta Sartoria was the ’50 Years of Italian Fashion’ that marked the extraordinary journey of the history of Italian fashion through clothing and accessories, which was also held at the Prestige Area.

Aside from fashion, Italy’s artistic scene unfurled in Kuwait with the extraordinary art exhibit showcasing the work of famed Italian artist Marco Casentini, whose artistic flair was evident in the ‘Drive in Exhibition’ held at the Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Center. His unique art vision of color and geometry was applied on Ferrari and Maserati vehicles was a marvel to behold. Similarly, an Italian Vehicles and Motorcycle Exhibition showcased an exquisite range of vehicles including the well-known Ferrari , Fiat, Alfa Romeo and Ducati, at the Marina Crescent.

The Italian Week also allowed Kuwait resident to savor the rich tastes of Italy, as for the first time in Kuwait, the Italian embassy invited visiting Chef Vittorio Foce from Italy to share the recipe of the special traditional Italian dish ‘La Farinata’ via a live cooking show held at Marina Crescent

As part of the embassy’s efforts to be mindful of the environment, the Italian Ambassador in collaboration with FIAT Group arranged for a Beach Cleanup of Marina Beach on 24 November. The event aimed to raise awareness on maintaining the cleanliness and beauty of Kuwaiti beaches.

Travel enthusiasts flocked to the Souk Safar booth which offered special packages and competitive prices for travelling to Italy, inclusive of different destinations of Rome, Venice, Florence among others, at Souk Safr Grand Avenues on the occasion of the Italian Week.