Increase in transfer fees to eliminate visa trading

The Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) is studying several topics related to the demographic structure of the country and to counter the visa traders and eliminate this phenomenon.

One of the most notable decisions is to increase the fees, specifically the transfer fees when an employee wants to transfer the residence permit from one company to another, while those in the government sector will need the approval of the Ministry of Interior.

A source told the daily “PAM is close to finalizing regulatory decisions that will control the labor market in terms of small and medium enterprises, transfer between sectors and prevent the transfer of dependent visa to the private sector.

The source added, PAM has been working with specialized technical bodies – as happened with the Society of Engineers by authenticating the certificates of engineers – to adjust the labor market by linking the sides of the triangle (certificate, profession, activity).

The source explained that Work is under way in PAM to link with the Kuwait Journalists Association, accountants and lawyers in addition to the link with the Ministry of Higher Education to authenticate the educational certificates of foreign workers.”

The source pointed out that “PAM is considering with help of specialists to reconsider the process of assessing the need and employment and the distribution of proportions in general for all activities and the mechanism of determining ratios to adjust the labor market in public interest.”

Source: Al-Rai