Increased family visa requirement only the start

A slew of measures are being implemented to discourage the entry of expatriates, said an official source at the ministry of interior. He pointed out that the recent decision to increase the minimum salary requirement to apply for a family visa to KD500 was only the beginning, and other deterrence such as an increase in transaction fees is on the anvil.

The aim behind these measures was to dissuade those coming to the country and violating state laws, while at the same time making it more convenient for those coming on tourist and visit visas. The source also revealed that new procedures will be implemented at the start of 2020 to prevent forged visas, including the introduction of tamper-proof security features on visas.

On a related note, the ministry source also revealed that stricter measures would be brought in regarding absconding complaints and the legal period to report an absconding case. In the future, as soon as the authorities are informed of an absconder, the residency permit of the offender will be cancelled and the file will be referred to the investigations department. Moreover, a fine of KD1,000 which currently exists for harboring absconders will be enforced with vigor. It was also disclosed that no residency had been restored to those reported absconding since the start of 2016.