Indian trapped in Kuwait for last seven years back home

An Indian man who has been trapped in Kuwait for the last seven years has finally managed to go home, due to efforts by the Indian embassy and help from his compatriots.

The man, one Jesuraj from Villuppuram in Tamilnadu was working in Kuwait as a driver when he met with a traffic accident and had a travel ban imposed against him. The case against him kept getting delayed and he has been struggling to make a living in Kuwait for the last seven years.

Based on news about Jesuraj, which appeared in some sections of Indian media, the Secretary of Indian Frontliners organization, Mathi, raised the issue with the Indian Embassy.

The First Secretary (Community Welfare) at the embassy, P.P. Narayanan,  acted on this request and Indian Embassy appointed a Kuwaiti lawyer who effectively argued the case in court and got Jesuraj cleared off all legal obstacles. Mr. Sameer, ICF was entrusted with this work and worked hard with court and investigation departments to get the case cleared.

The man who had waited for the last seven years to see his loved ones was finally able to go back to India on 7 November. Back with his family, a clearly delighted Jesuraj has conveyed his utmost gratitude to the Indian Embassy, especially to Mr. Narayanan and to Mr. Mathi, for all their help and support in getting him back home.