Indians form the largest number of expatriates expelled this year

Statistics from the Deportation Center show that over 18,000 expatriates were expelled from the country in the first nine months of this year, with Indians accounting for the largest number of those deported.

Around 5,000 Indians were deported till the end of September this year, followed by 2,500 Bangladeshis, 2,200 Egyptians, 2,100 Nepalis, 1,700 Ethiopians, 1,400 Syrians, 1,200 Filipinos and 1,900 made up of citizens from other countries. A third of those expelled were women, with 12,000 men and 6,000 women being deported till the end of September.

Among the reasons for deportation were expired residency permits, violation of residency laws, involvement in criminal activities, committing traffic violations, and having infectious diseases such as hepatitis, AIDS and TB, as well as other cases.

Sources associated with the deportation center said that only 50 men and 8 women, whose cases are being processed prior to their deportation, are currently remaining at the center. They also revealed that at present it took only a maximum of three days to process the majority of deportee cases, thereby reducing congestion at the deportation center as well as reducing the burden on police stations and Ministry of Interior personnel.