Interior objects to issuing new licenses for delivery firms

Ministry of commerce and industry has reportedly been urged by the ministry of interior to stop issuing new licenses to companies for operating delivery services, until a more structured model can be set up for this business.

The ministry of interior is apparently seeking this temporary ban in view of the current chaotic nature of delivery services, and until a new framework can be implemented to regulate and monitor the business.

The interior ministry is said to be perturbed by several issues related to the delivery business, including an increasing number of cases where household drivers are lured by delivery firms with offers of higher salaries. This, according to the interior ministry, is not only illegal but also causes great financial harm to their original employers who are usually Kuwaiti families.

Another objection the interior ministry is understood to have raised related to instances where delivery people have been apprehended for transporting and delivering banned items to customers. The ministry is keen to bring delivery staff and the entire business under a new regulatory and monitoring framework.

While there are no official figures on the size of the delivery business in Kuwait, they have clearly expanded exponentially in recent years. You can get an idea of how lucrative it is to the drivers and how successful it is to the firm’s owners, by watching the scooters and motorbikes with large delivery boxes attached go weaving through traffic jams on the streets of Kuwait any day. The drivers are usually rushing to fulfill orders and get their commission for each timely delivery, even in the high heat of summer, while firms employing them rake in profits.

The ministry of trade and commerce has said it had no objection to the delivery business model, but as with everything else in the country, the ministry of interior has a decisive say in the matter and without the ‘interior’s nod’ no licenses could be issued.