Investigations into students fight in primary school

The guardian of a student, who suffered multiple injuries following a fight among children in a primary school, has filed a complaint with the police about the fight and another complaint with the area school administration about the ineptitude of the school authorities.

The Juvenile Prosecutor is now understood to have ordered an investigation into the incident, where two brothers who were students at the primary level were assaulted by their classmates. One of the brothers who is seven years old and in third grade was severely bitten, his shirt torn, and suffered injuries and dislocation of his left shoulder.

In his complaint to the Andalus Police Station, the guardian said he received a call from the school administration on the incident. The student’s guardian then went to the school to protest against what happened to his son and then took the son to a hospital to have an antiseptic shot.

In his complaint, the man said that as one classmate was helping his son to wrap his injured shoulder, another student jumped on him and completely dislocated the shoulder.

The guardian was forced to take his son to Al-Razi hospital where he underwent treatment for his dislocated shoulder and other injuries. The guardian then filed a complaint with the area school administration in which he said that he had approached the school administration after his two sons were assaulted there, but the school refused to entertain his complaint.