Investiture Ceremony at ILOA

Indian Learners’ Own Academy (ILOA) held its 9th Investiture Ceremony on 1 May, which saw participation from the students as well as the school faculty.

The juncture commenced with the arrival of the chief guest and other esteemed dignitaries followed by the newly appointed council members of ILOA. The distinguished chief guest of the day was Dr. Kamlesh, Chemistry Professor from Kuwait University and also a founder member of Association of Indian Professional (AIP) in Kuwait. As an inspiration for the students, the respected Chairman D.K. Sharma was also present on this special occasion.

The ceremony commenced with a recitation of a verse from the Holy Quran and a prayer in English. The National Anthems of Kuwait and India were sung with a spirit of patriotism. The event began with the lighting of the lamp by the Principal Asha Sharma, the Chief Guest Mrs. Kamlesh and the Chairman D.K. Sharma and it was followed by a very inspiring welcome speech by the Principal that ignited the students’ minds. Her style of leadership was truly worthy of appreciation and impressed the audience. A melodious patriotic song was presented by the ILOA choir, followed by a rhythmic musical performance by the school band. The wonderful dancers of ILOA put forth a classical dance performance.

The newly appointed council members were adorned with badges and sashes from the chief guest Dr. Kamlesh. Arjun Biju of class XII was appointed as the Head Boy and Sarah was appointed as the school Head Girl. The Vice Head Boy and Vice Head Girl marched down followed by the President and Sports Captain. The Cultural and Literary Secretary marched forward and the Editorial Board Members followed them. Then, the House Captains and their team marched and assembled in front of their respective House Wardens to receive their badges.

It was time for the newly appointed council members to pledge themselves and set themselves as the leaders for the school. An oath was administered by the Principal as students discharged their duties with sincerity. She also congratulated them and apprised them of the expectation of ILOA. Dr. Kamlesh in her speech emphasized on the importance of discipline and dignity of the individual and the school.

The grand occasion came to an end with the Head Boy and Head Girl promising a definite change for the better tomorrow with great conviction in their confident speeches. They promised to ensure that this academic year will be a grand success for our alma mater in terms of both academic and extracurricular activities. They also promised to discharge all their duties with responsibility and fulfil everyone’s expectations. They inspired all to travel together and work in unison to keep the banner flying high up in the sky mounted with love, hoisted with dignity and fluttering with grace.

The whole stage lit up with vibrant colours and the event reinstated the faith in the calibre and leadership of the future generation. Above all the event concluded peacefully due an extensive help, coordination and cooperation of the parents, teachers, administrative staff and the entire students of the school.