Iraqi top lawmaker: Relations with Kuwait ‘crucial and dynamic’

Iraqi Parliament Speaker Mohamed Al-Halbousi.

Iraqi Parliament Speaker Mohamed Al-Halbousi on Saturday described his country’s relations with Kuwait as “crucial and dynamic” during an Iraqi-hosted conference, comprising leading parliament representatives of neighboring countries.

He said there was “wide” understanding and that economic deals were in the “preparation phase” between the two.Al-Halbousi said that this was thanks to Kuwait’s hosting of a global donor conference targeting Iraq’s reconstruction in February last year.

Iraqis are “no longer anxious” about being one-dimensional and are today keen on building strategic partnerships with their neighbours, without “favouritism.”

Iraq has signed agreements with Iran and Saudi Arabia, he said, while its relations with Turkey “exceptional,” as the two prepare for joint economic plans.Iraq is also keen to open its border crossings with Syria for trade, after doing so with Jordan.