Jazzy jogger pants

Joggers are here to stay, and they are the best lazy-girl staple for when it is cold. Moreover, with the right accessories and a stylish shoes or top, you can easily make joggers fashionable. Don’t discount the versatility of these pants. Here are some tips to style joggers.

Play up the shoes: Give your joggers that tough-girl vibe by tucking it into a pair of lace-up combat boots, or switch out sneakers for a pair of heels. When it comes to styling your joggers, keep the outfit fresh and appropriate with fun shoe styles.

Focus on the top: While a button-down shirt is an obvious choice to give these sporty pants the old casual touch, a structured blouse is equally as effective. Add on a statement necklace and you have got one seriously stylish getup. To make your joggers brunch ready, go for a fabric that channels traditional trousers and pairs them up with not one, but two on-point toppers that draw the eye upward. This creates balance and keeps the focus away from the more laid-back bottoms.

Skip the plain joggers: Always pinpoint a flattering pair of joggers with unique details like a lace-up design to make it stand out from the rest. A plain pair might say, worn for couch or gym days, but a more interesting jogger pants say,’ I look fantastic and fabulous’.

Pay attention to the material: Joggers innately have a casual vibe. Ditch the cotton joggers completely and scoop up a velvet or expand your choices into ones made with fabrics like faux leather, silk, satin or other similar materials. Pair with a classic button-down or sweater and your go-to pumps for the ultimate in fashionable attire.

Opt for cropped joggers: Try cropped joggers with a graphic T-shirt for a look not meant for the gym. Plus, the crop version shows off your shoes way better.

Get trendy: Pair your joggers with a trendy top and your whole outfit suddenly looks brand new. People may still notice that you are basically wearing sweats, but they will still think you look chic.

Play with patterns as prints is totally fair game for joggers. Palm prints and florals are the best choice and will give you that extra boost to get through your to-do list, while geometric or classic patterns look fab all year.

Go monochromatic: Match the rest of your outfit to your joggers. Monochromatic outfits couldn’t be simpler to pull-together: Neutrals are always a safe bet — there is a reason all-black-everything and groutfits are go-to’s — but bolder hues, like cobalt blue or burnt orange, also work like a charm. With this hack always in mind, you will never have to worry if your look matches ever again because it always will.

Throw on a blazer: Blazers make everything look instantly chic. Pairing one up with those far-from-fussy slacks is a surefire way to elevate what would be a weekend-only ensemble, making you look oh so stylish.