Kitchen mishaps cause most home fires

Most of the fire incidents that occur in houses, especially during Ramadan, are due to mishaps in the kitchen. The accidents are usually caused by careless cooking, forgetting food on stoves, or misuse of kitchen electrical equipment. These facts on fires were disclosed by the Director of Public Relations and Media Department at Kuwait Fire Service Directorate (KFSD) Brigadier Khalil Al-Ameer.

In a press release provided by KFSD, Al-Ameer said the main reason behind the launch of fire prevention awareness campaigns for Kuwaiti citizens and expatriates, and the insistence on their cooperation with firefighters in implementing fire safety conditions in houses, was to prevent fire incidents, especially during Ramadan.

Brigadier Al-Ameer insisted on the department’s keenness to spread awareness about the fire-risk aspects, affirming that the concerned authorities send messages with instructions to families and insist that they follow these instructions in order to prevent fire incidents in their houses. He also revealed that the latest statistics indicate that there was an eight percent reduction in fire incidents in residential areas during the year 2018.