Korea Grill

This restaurant has deservedly earned a reputation as the best spot for authentic Korean food. They recently updated their menu to increase their selection to give diners additional choices to savor flavorful Korean dishes.  Their unique style of Kimchi Ramyon has something for everyone, including such stands out as The Original, Yum Fried Ramyon, Tomato Ramyon and Kujirai Ramyon. Their Street Food section, which is similar to street food available in Seoul, offers delectable such as Toppoki and Kimbap. And do not neglect to try some seriously sumptuous noodles like Jap-chay and Cha-Jang-Myon.

Satisfy your hankering for great soup and rice with their options such as the traditional Kimchi Chigye as well as Doen-Jang Chigya and Sun-du-bu Chigya, that reiterate the authentic flavors of Korea. The icon of Korean food, Bibimbap, is served here with panache, and promises an unforgettable experience. The latest additions to the menu also have delectable and well-fried chicken, such as the showcase Kyoja Dakgangjong, Tomato-sauce Dakgangjong  and Dakgalbi that offer fried chicken in a crash of flavors. Relish beef the Korean way by diving into either Bassak Bulgogi, Tangsuyuk or Bulgogi Baekban. Complete your meal with their best-selling sweet called Hottok.

Popular dish: Kyoja Dakgangjong, fried boneless chicken legs stir-fried with sweet and sour mustard sauce.
Location: Located at New Park Hotel at Maidan Hawalli.