Kuwait adopts policy for empowering families – Min. Al-Sebeeh

Minister of Social Affairs and Labor Hind Al-Sebeeh on the sidelines of participating in the 3rd International Women and Justice Summit in Istanbul.

Kuwait adopts a policy aimed at cementing bonds of families and empowering their members namely the women, said a visiting senior official on Friday. Kuwait’s development scheme aims at reinforcing family bonds and enabling families, namely the women, said Minister of Social Affairs and Labor Hind Al­Sebeeh, addressing the Third International Women and Justice Summit, held here.

Kuwait’s social policies tackle status of “susceptible segments namely the children, the delinquents, the elderly and the handicapped,” said minister Al­Sebeeh, who headed a seniorlevel delegation to the summit.

Minister Al­Sebeeh said the convention theme, “Family Empowerment,” is a basis for human and social development “and a solid corner stone for a more just society.” Family empowerment is a historic demand by mankind; aimed at creating a robust social fabric and “social capital that boosts values and principles of sustainable development,” she said.

As part of the approach to preserve the society basis in Kuwait, the Family Court was established in 2015, followed with enacting the Child Law, which guaranteed women rights, such as decreasing work hours.

Moreover, minister Al­Sebeeh added, the supreme council for family affairs was formed in 2006. Basically, she explained, Kuwait’s family strategy aims at preserving the family and safeguarding the society.

Minister Al­Sebeeh spoke at length about various other state­launched projects and activities aimed at cementing the society foundations, namely “the social security network,” noting that Kuwait secures special allowances for the divorcees, the widows and the low income females as well as for prisoners’ families.

On the summit sidelines, she told KUNA that Kuwait is partaking in this summit the first time. Earlier, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan opened the summit with a speech, calling for genders’ equality and shedding light on the substantial Turkish women roles at various levels in his country.

Source: KUNA